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Col (Retired) Roger C. Green respectfully places flags at the graves of veterans in Grove Hill Cemetery, part of the annual VFW Post 1179 Memorial Weekend Tribute.


Our friends of VFW Post 1179 have rescheduled 2020 Memorial Day arrangements to 2021 to help keep fellow veterans and fellow Shelby Countians safe this special holiday. Traditionally we would don our patriotic colors and gather outside Grove Hill Cemetery Chapel to sing favorite hymns including God Bless America and hear stories of heroism as we honor those who have, do, and will serve our country. Many of those we lift in prayers of thankfulness and praise are those who made the ultimate sacrifice for family, friends, and nation. This year Grove Hill Cemetery invites you to honor our veterans by revisiting earlier Memorial and Veteran Day celebrations. Hear stories, sing songs, meet heroes from WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars as Friends of Grove Hill bring you tributes from our archives. Share your thoughts, stories of loved ones, photos and memories in comments as you honor our veterans and remember ours lost during conflicts.

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KY Army National Guard CH (LTC) Angie White, member 63 rd  TAB HHC, was invited to give the Memorial Day address this year. She kindly shares some of her thoughts for you to consider this Memorial Day as we honor our veterans while social distancing or staying at home. White a native of Montana who has served in the Air Force, later as an Army nurse and now is chaplain of the KY Army National Guard has lived in many places during her service career. She says, none have impressed her more than Shelby County in the number and quality of its veterans. Furthermore,” says White, “I am impressed with the way veterans are shown respect for their service by Kentucky at large and again specifically the citizens of Shelby County.” White’s admiration of Kentuckians and her adopted home community (she and her husband local native, and fellow officer, Jamie White raised their two children to adulthood here) have lived in Shelby County nearly 20 years. We asked White to lead us in a prayer for our country and community.

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by Bonnie Burks Gray

Lest We Forget WWI - Vietnam War

Memorial Day 2019: former Mayor Tom Hardesty and Robert Miles salute their fathers, veterans of WWII

Lest We Forget WWI - Vietnam War

Veterans' Day 2018, Saluting Shelby County's Own, on 100th Anniversary of Armistice


Signals that unauthorized lights are to be extinguished. This is the last call of the day. The call is also sounded at the completion of a military funeral ceremony.

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