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Grove Hill Friends' Productions of

Denhardt Shooting and Garr Brothers' Trial Reenactments


Eighty-three years ago, Shelby County, Kentucky was landing on the front page of newspapers from New York to Los Angeles. Even readers in London, England were learning about a rural community in Kentucky that was the scene of a sensational trial. So spellbinding was the story behind the trial, the nation, the world was all eyes on the Shelby Countians who were bystanders, witnesses to a shocking murder on Main Street, Shelbyville, September 20, 1937.


Grove Hill Friends (GHF) brought the story of Brig. General Henry H. Denhardt, former Lt. Governor of Kentucky, and his murder by the brothers of Verna Garr Taylor to life on the 80th Anniversary of the tragic encounter. The beautiful widow was mysteriously murdered November 1936 and Denhardt, her fiancé, was to be tried for her homicide. Shelby County author, Ann DAngelo, culminated her six years of research on the series of events through her fascinating book, “DARK HIGHWAY, Love Murder and Revenge in 1930s Kentucky”. DAngelo’s book was the basis for the reenactments of Denhardt’s shooting and the subsequent trials of the Garr brothers.


Stanton Garr. Ann DAngelo and Mike Tracy

at historic marker for Armstrong Hotel

shebly 012.JPG

Ann DAngelo,

author Dark Highway

Stanton Garr. -actor, Garr family relative

Bonnie Burks Gray - director/playwright

And it all happened on

Main Street...


Step into the Circuit Courtroom of the Shelby County Courthouse and step back to 1937 with these videos of GHF’s Garr Brothers’ Trial reenactments. The same story was told October 27 & October 28, 2017, but the magical spirits of the story stirred uniquely for each evening. Special thanks to Wizard Graphics for taping/editing the October 27th trial and to P+JB Creative for taping/editing the October 28th reenactment. Watch either production or have a Denhardt-Garr Binge & watch the 2017 events of GHF’s Main Street shooting and both ‘revisitings’ of the trial. 

Grove Hill Friends: Denhardt Shooting on Main Street Reenactment

- video by Wizard Graphics

Grove Hill Friends:  The Garr Brothers' Willful Murder Trial - Friday Night Performance

- video by Wizard Graphics

Grove Hill Friends:  The Garr Brothers' Willful Murder Trial - Saturday Night Performance

- video by P+JB Creative

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