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Friends of Grove Hill

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Friends of Grove Hill has four fundamental goals:

  • Encourage community support by giving back educational programs.

  • Grow and protect the arboretum.

  • Restore, preserve and protect the history, monuments and buildings.

  • Exist for future generations to use, enjoy and cherish.


Growing for the Future

Since Grove Hill's inception in the 1850s, the succeeding generations of cemetery board members, all donating their time, have set as their priorities to provide and maintain a beautiful and dignified setting for the earthly resting place of precious loved ones. Recently (in cemetery years) the current board made a bold, courageous, truly visionary decision to invest in additional land and increase the availability of burial sites for our heirs and their descendants.

A  Grove Hill Monument

To pay respect, the arboretum setting, the historic significance, the wildlife habitat, the peaceful surroundings are just some of the reasons Grove Hill visitors cite as why they return to the site over and over. This jewel of Shelby County, over-looking Clear Creek, although an integral part of the community it serves, has been a silent servant. Friends of Grove Hill, will now respectfully, actively share its history and beauty with dignity and love for the community it loves in order to preserve its priceless value.

Living into the Future

Non-sectarian, non-commercial, Grove Hill Cemetery is seen by many as giving a touch of immortality, but as you know a cemetery sells something once but inherits its care forever. In a relatively short period, without constant care through the ages (which interment charges could never stretch that far) nature takes its toll on plantings and monuments. Preservation and restoration are expensive and can not happen without the support financially and physically of friends.

Becoming a Friend

No formal proclamation, no huge fanfare, just a sincere and respectful request that you become an active friend of Grove Hill, championing her beauty, dignity and unique preservation role in the life of your community. The things you cherish most its tranquility, respect and respectfulness, history, trees, and solemn role are assured of enduring into the future through your support.

Friends of Grove Hill is a 501(c) nonprofit and all contributions are tax deductible.
Friends of Grove Hill is a 501(c) nonprofit and all contributions are tax deductible.
Grove Hill Friends Past Events

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