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Your help is essential to perpetuate the beauty, dignity and history of Grove Hill Cemetery. Loved ones rest in an idyllic arboretum. As time and nature take their toll we strive to maintain the Arcadian charm of Grove Hill by replacing lost trees and plants; restoring old monuments; renovating, maintaining the chapel; landscaping new sections. A gift of any amount toward this effort is needed and appreciated.


Grove Hill's Life Celebration Tree  Click To View List of Donors


Make a tax deductible donation of $75 or more and your name will be memorialized on Grove Hill's Life Celebration Tree  list of donors. For a tax deductible donation of $75 or more, you may make your gift in honor or memory of someone.

We respect wishes of anonymity.

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Champion Donors
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Thank You for Your Generous Donation!

Life Celebration Tree

Jayne E. Axline

in Memory of James Hugh Axline


Jane Skaggs Bailey

Fred W. Bond


Phyllis Ann Long Bond

in Memory of Spencer Presley Bond

Deborah Leah Hawkins Brooks

Brooks Brothers LLC

in Memory of Tucky Johnson and Sue Johnson


Patricia "Patty" McLaughlin Burks

in Memory of Mark Athel Burks


Walton T. Carpenter


R. E. Carter

in Memory of Rosella Yager Cunningham Davis

Betty Jean Lindle Chatham

in Memory of Donald Chatham and

in Honor of Whitie Gray


Citizens Union Bank


Linda Pack Clemmons

Roy Johnson Collings, Jr.

Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company 


William "Bill" A. Conder 


Adele Brown Crow


Mark Crutcher

Deborah A. Estill


Linda Kaye Ethington

in Memory of Larry Wilson Ethington


Ferrells Air Conditioning and Heating


Dale D. Fitzgerald


Bridgett Garratt


Bonnie Burks Gray

in Memory of Joseph E. Burks, Mary Anderson Burks,

Mark Athel Burks,

and in Honor of Patty and Bobby Ethington


William "Whitie" Gray

in Memory of Samuel C. Gray and Myrtle Hedges Gray


Roger Green, Jr.


Gay Guthrie


Hall-Taylor Funeral Home


Daniel Joseph Hanlon


Michael Wade Harrod

in Honor of Betty B. Matthews


Debbie Harrod


J. Ford Johnston

in Memory of George G. Johnston and Eliza Johnston


Billy Lee Kidd


Charles T. Long


Lucy H. Long


Long Associates LLC


Betty Buntin Matthews


Charles K. Matthews

in Memory of Betty Buntin Matthews


Steve Meador

in Memory of Mary Anderson Burks


Ruth Ann Meadows

in Memory of Sturgeon


Masha Miller

in Memory of Mike Casey


James Mitchum

in Memory of James David Mitchum


Pegasus Industries

in Memory of Mary Anderson Burks


Martha Rogers Plaster

in Memory of Rosella Yager Cunningham Davis


Duanne B. Puckett

in Honor of Betty B. Matthews


Nancy Ellis Raisor

in Memory of Offutt and Wilson


Republic Bank & Trust Company

Larry K. Rogers


Rosella D. Rogers


Ann Hayes Ronald


Jane Chancellor Yager Saylor Sanning

in Memory of Rosella Davis


Eloise Maddox Settle


Shannon Funeral Home


Shelbyville Monument Company

Mary Elizabeth Smith

in Memory of Milton McGinnis and Dorothy McGinnis


Roy Beatty Smith

in Memory of J. Milton McGinnis, John McGinnis Jr.,

and Dorothy McGinnis


Hardin M. Stevens

in Memory of Rosella Davis


Mary Hardin Davis Stevens


Ronald R.Van Stockum, Sr.

in Memory of Florence Van Stockum


James W. Watson

in Memory of Blake Mckinley Watts


Arlene Neal Wright

in Memory of Dudley L. Wright

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Keep Grove Hill beautiful, memorialize a loved one, honor a special person, and add your name or company to the list of donors on our Life Celebration Tree - DONATE TODAY

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